S-120 Switching Power Supply
Model Output Tolerance Voltage Ripple And noise Efficiency
S-120-12V 12V,0-10A 1 120mvp-p 80
S-120-15V 15V,0-8A 1 125mvp-p 81
S-120-24V 24V,0-5A 1 150mvp-p 83
S-120-48V 48V,0-2.5A 1 150mvp-p 84

Input voltage range :88-132VAC / 170-264VAC
                                    Select from the switching power supply 47-63Hz 240-370VDC
Input Current: 2.6A/115V 1.3A/230V
Inrush Current: Cold start 30A/115V 60A/230V current
Leakage Current: <1mA/240VAC
:105-150% overload protection type: cut output, reset, automatic recovery.
Temperature Coefficient: 0.03% / (0-50 )
Start, rise, hold time: 200ms, 50ms, 20ms
Earthquake resistance :10-500Hz, 2G 10min, / 1 cycle, a total of 60 minutes, each axis
Pressure resistance: between input and output: 15KVAC input and shell: 1.5KVAC
                                     Output and shell: 0.5KVAC
Isolation resistance: input and output, the input and Waikou,
                                    output and shell: 500VDC/100M
Temperature, humidity: -10 +60 , 20% -90% RH
Storage temperature and humidity: -20 +85 , 10% -95% RH
Dimension: (L W H) mm 199 98 38mm