TSB3 Mini Circuit Breaker
TSB3 Mini Circuit Breaker

1. Application

DZ47-100 is such features as delicate appearance, light weight, excellent and reliableperformance, high breaking capacity, rapid tripping and mounted by rail. Its enclosure and com-ponents adopts high fire-retarding and shock-resistance plastic of long durability. It mainly servesfor protecting the circuits of AC 50Hz, 230V of single pole, 400V of two poles or three or fourpoles from overload or short-circuit, and also for unfrequent making and breaking electricalapparatus and lighting circuit.It conforms with the standards of IEC60947-2.

2. Main Technical Parameter

Type DZ47-100
Pole 1P 2P,3P,4P
Rated current (A) 63,80,100
Rated voltage (V) 230 400
Ambient temperature -5oC~+40oC
Type of instantaneous release C,D
Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn(kA) 6

3. The over-current protection property
Ambient Temperature Initial Status Test Current Expected Result Expected Result NOte
40í└2oC Cold position 1.05In(Iní▄63A) tí▄1h Non-release -
Cold position 1.05In (In[63A) tí▄2h Non-release -
Carried out immedi-ately after previous test 1.30In(Iní▄63A) t < 1h Release Current smoothlyrises to specified value within 5s
1.30In (In>63A) t < 2h Release
-5~+40oC Cold position 8.00In tí▄0.2s Non-release -
Cold position 12.00In t< 0.2s Non-release -

4. Applicable conducting wire
Rated current(A) Nominal cross section of wire mm2
63A 16
80A 25
100A 35

5. Dimension